Welcome to DY Digital Sdn. Bhd.

DY Digital Sdn. Bhd. (1320408-D) provides a safe and secured ecommerce marketplace in Malaysia (“JIFFY2U™”) for Young Entrepreneurs, Buyers and Sellers. To business partners, we are not an ecommerce marketplace but a “one-stop centre” helping SMEs and Young Entrepreneurs in Malaysia along digitalization journey and evolving their business online through our e-commerce platform - "JIFFY2U™ ". To online shoppers, JIFFY2U™ reduces your online shopping risk via our thorough seller pre-screening process during online seller selection. We have various payment methods and door-to-door delivery supported by our strategic payment institutions and delivery partners respectively.

Our Vision

To be the Leading Digital Market Player in the Country

Our Mission

To enable every person and every business to be successful in today’s competitive digital marketplace and to give consumers the most compelling online shopping experience possible.

Our Core Value

To unleash the opportunities for conventional business owners, our young generation, single-mothers and disabled people by equipping them with the right knowledge and inspiration to become successful entrepreneurs and to be competitive in today’s digital era.

Our Guiding Principles

We believe in the ability of our people to continuously improve business practices and pursue individual aspirations through creativity, invention and innovation

We believe in treating business stakeholders with respect and faith

We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning

Our Business

We present each business with a customized and designed program in thriving your business online-offline-online (O2O2O) in the current ever growing competitive marketplace.

We provide end-to-end solutions as a “one-stop centre” to address your needs according to businesses in a variety of industries in order to optimizing efficiency and productivity via continuous improvement approach for sustainable growth.

Our eCommerce Platform

Jiffy2U is a safe and secure platform for Young Entrepreneurs, Buyers and Sellers from around the world.

Our Online Platform
             Your Business transformation partner

Our Goal

Everyone can do business online!

Warehouse Fullfillment Services

Materials Management and Warehouse Management are areas where costly to your business in maintenance and operation. We would like you as a business owner to focus on business strategy and planning and let us manage warehousing activities on behalf at an affortable cost to you.

Inbound – Receiving & Storage

Outbound – Packing & Delivery

No idea how to start?

Business Improvement Consultancy
Raise your business to the next sucessful bar!

In DY Digital, we have a team of professionals to help you in identifying business improvement opportunities for transformation.

Through our team of professional consultants, we provide opportunities and training to the young graduates, single-mothers and/or housewives and disabled people to equip with the right knowledge and inspiration to become an entrepreneur without the complexity and heavy investment. 

We provide consultancy and solutions to conventional businesses in expanding and transforming their business to online marketplace in order
 to be competitive in today’s marketplace.  

Our Goal

Support the business owners unlock their potential, thriving to be competitive and profitable. 

Young Entrepreneur Program 

DY Digital is dedicated to promoting and preserving the Entrepreneurs’ Dream by fostering young people accomplish the extraordinary – based on our fundamental belief that every entrepreneur has within themselves the ability to take the challenges for success.

Our Goal

Build a strong entrepreneurship ecosystem in upskilling the young entrepreneurs becoming leaders of ecommerce.